Cubiertas móviles y transitables

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We help people to optimize outdoor space designing and installing movable and depth-adjustable covers for in-ground pools.


Make the most of backyard space, p giving homeowners freedom to make pool to show up or hide without changing backyard landscape 


Moreover , Pool Concept is safety for kids , an option for handicap people when need to use the  pool and finally reduce time and expenditure on pool maintenance.

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Make the most of your backyard

Our covers are rigid and walkable. You might make the most of pool area getting rid of steps using the same decking that for surroundings. Cover becomes pool’s bottom that goes up and down bearing whatever weight on the platform as if it was floor.

piscina con cubierta rígida y transitable que soporta mobiliario

Our main aim: safety

Depth adjustable platform allows bottom will allow adjusting water depth.

By pressing a button, pool gets fully closed and gets hidden making impossible any accident.

Cubierta de piscina móvil que se convierte en fondo regulable en altura

Cover bears any weight while immersing

Pool concept is an ideal solution for disabled people and  elderly persons forgetting of vertical ladders or dangerous ramps . Just getting platform down to the desired depth.

La cubierta de la piscina desciende y puede soportar personas

Easier maintenance

As pool is covered and protected from the sunlight , rain , and wind, maintenance expenses will drop as well as water temperature  remains constant when cover is up.

Cubierta móvil de piscina se cierra a ras del suelo y resguarda a la piscina

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