Benefits of a walkable pool cover

People or companies that have a swimming pool encounter the same problem every winter: what to do with the pool, its winter treatment and how to cover it.

Many times they face these situations from a lack of knowledge, since they do not know all the options that the market offers today. Therefore, they are often forced to take low value-added solutions such as tarpaulins: they do not guarantee safety, are aesthetically detrimental and also have a short useful life so they must be renewed every few years.

However, more and more people are concerned about having a cover for their pool that is integrated with the environment, safe and walkable, which translates into many benefits.

Do you want to know which ones? We’ll tell you all about it

Pool Safety Improves with a Walkable Deck

The most important thing, and the main reason why a swimming pool should be covered or perimetered, is because of the need to protect people. There is nothing more important than avoiding accidents that in many cases can have disastrous results.

From the point of view of avoiding accidents, canvas covers or covers with elements that are not rigid do not offer sufficient protection as they can break if a person falls on the surface of the pool.

Roofs that do not integrate with the space are not a perfect solution either, therefore leaving steps or walls protruding on the ground, as they can also pose a possibility of tripping. Although in this case, if we assume that there is a firm and rigid cover over the pool, we have already considerably reduced the possibility of the accident having disastrous consequences.

That is why the 100% safe solution is the installation of a roof:

  • It is integrated with its own floor where the pool is located
  • The cover is rigid and stable so that in the event of a fall or a person passing, there is no accident that has unforeseeable consequences.
  • The materials of the cover must be non-slip, to avoid accidents due to a slip, since the surface of the pool may have a slightly higher relative humidity.


The aesthetic reasons for having an integrated and walkable roof

Pool covers are going to occupy a large part of our garden, our facilities, for a good part of the year. For this reason, it is not coherent with an investment of the magnitude of a swimming pool, to end up covering it with an unsightly cover that ends up causing the garden to look undesirable for most of the year.

This is what happens, for example, with roofs that are greenhouse-type as they cause a physical separation between the pool and the garden; even that the entire property decreases in value due to its lack of aesthetic accommodation.

The aesthetic degradation caused by these covers not only affects the value of the house, but will also reduce our comfort in the space and the capacity it will have to provide us with a relaxing and restful environment.

The cover should be completely flat

Previously we have seen how the covers have to be fully integrated with the floor, for safety. This reason is undoubtedly the most important. But also keep in mind that there is another reason why the covers should be integrated and that is the cleaning of the surfaces.

If the cover is fully integrated, the cracks in which dirt can accumulate or some types of bacteria and fungi can proliferate are eliminated, so we have also found that the number of complications in the pool water is reduced.

This aspect, which may seem insignificant, is a considerable time saving in the cleaning time of the pools and especially in the periods of opening of the same, after the winter.

The months of use of swimming pools: how to extend them


In our latitudes, swimming pools, if they do not have proper thermal protection, can be used for very few months: July and August mainly. On the other hand, in the event that the pool has a correct thermal protection, within which the cover is the main factor, we can be talking about 7 months of use of the pool: from April to October.

The increase in the months of use is considerable, making much more use of the investment made in the construction of the pool, as you can see. But not only will the months of use of the pool improve, but it will also improve the comfort in its use, since the water will not have unpleasantly cold temperatures during the last days of the summer period.

The enemies of your pool during the winter period: dirt and rainfall. How to reduce physical-chemical treatment work.

During the winter, the needs of filtering our water and cleaning (physical treatment) are increased along with the specific chemical treatment.

With the covers we are going to reduce the fall of dirt into the pool and with it we are going to have it available, but we dealt with this topic in our previous post, which you can consult here.

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