depth-adjustable walkabe covers for pools

Rigid and walkable cover for your pool

Safety , Maximize space , fit in any shape...

A movable Platform to make the most of your backyard space. Make it disappear when you need to use its space.

¡Mobile floor on your pool !

Platform fully covers your pool when unused and it works as the floor when using. Pool  floor gets hidden and shows up  according to your needs and also allows you to set pool depth with one click . No matter floor form or inclination, we can make your pool be accessible or be just part of your backyard.

Pool closing , Automatic, elegant and safe.

In less than 3 minutes , pool will be fully closed  and it will be part of the backyard being unnoticed, normally walkable  and ready to any use (sports, dinning, partying).

Space will no more be a problem and you might have a pool no matter the dimensions of backyard. Additionally, You will not worry about kids anymore as you might decide whether open the pool even from remote . Moreover, forget about warming or cooling the water when covered. Cover will avoid water warm up and cool down. Hence, water maintenance and cleaning costs will drop significantly.


of our pool covers

Make the most of your backyard

Just a click and in 2 minutes your pool will disappear and will be unnoticeable. It has been design to be walkable as it was regular floor . Kids may safely play over it and any activity may be done without limitation.

Select Pool Depth

You may decide pool depth just pressing on a button for any need or occasion. Kids might play on sallow waters without any risk ; you could have a comfy SPA adding a little bit more depth or just having a regular pool by leaving platform at the bottom.

Thinking of disabled and elder people

Pool concept covers are ideal for elder or disabled people with restricted mobility. They might enjoy pool as they may use platform as an elevator to go into the water safely without any need to use complex ladders or steps.

Optimize pool maintenance

Closed pool will make you saving money as leafs, stones, insects and any other external debris WILL NOT get in the pool. We will save time and money in cleaning activities. Also note that shocking water will be less frequent as water temperature might remain constant as we may isolate water from weather changes and sunlight.

Cover fits in any shape , any size

We produce Covers for any pool , no matter shape, depth or type of bottom, We may use a wide range or decking (Ceramic, wooden, marble, stone). Then, when closed, pool will be unnoticeable.

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