Keys to Decorating Your Garden and Pools Saving Space

Most of the population lives in urban environments, where space within homes is not particularly abundant. Despite having a garden inside your home, you will realize that you have to face the arduous but exciting task of distributing the space as well as getting the most out of it. You will even come across the need to combine different uses of the garden by the people who make up the family, since their needs are also different.

Do you want to know some tips to improve or design your garden? We’ll tell you all about them. Follow!

1. Complete your pool with accessories that allow you to add functionality and also an aesthetic improvement

Pool Accessories

Swimming pools are the spaces that give the most beauty to gardens, but we can also give them more functionality if we incorporate accessories. An idea? For example, incorporate tiled sun loungers on the cover of your pool or we can also add thalassotherapy elements that help us enjoy a more relaxing and therapeutic experience.

We can also add accessories that can be used to perform sports or to perform rehabilitation exercises. The range of possibilities is endless. We can advise you on the accessories that can be added to our cover as such.

2. Incorporate flowerbeds into your garden

The flowerbeds will help us to incorporate, in a decorative way, some plant elements with a greater prominence. This form of decoration allows us to articulate the space around our garden and with the right lighting we can also give it greater warmth.


3. Limit the use of different heights

In gardens, unless we have a very large surface area, it is necessary to limit the use of different heights as it will fragment the space, producing a feeling of less spaciousness. In addition, the existence of steps also poses a danger for accidents, trips, slips and especially if we have children inside our home.

In the case of wanting to have an elevated area, for example to place a decorative element, it is better to do it at the perimeter level. In this way, it will provide us with the dynamism of the differentiation of heights but in a safe way.

4. Your pool cover needs to be aesthetically positive

Swimming pool with cover

It can’t be that your garden, the area in which you have invested so much and that you expect to be an area of relaxation, becomes an unpleasant place. The aesthetics of roofs such as greenhouse fields or spaceships are not the most suitable if what you are concerned about is achieving a beautiful space that is capable of providing you with moments of relaxation or connection with your loved ones.

With our cover you could make the pool not really noticeable if you don’t want it, as it is hidden behind the platform.


5. Integrate the space by avoiding perimeter fencing in bathing areas.

Swimming pools are an area that can cause safety problems, especially for the little ones. However, they are not the only ones that are susceptible to slipping. That is why we all come to the perimeter closures of swimming pools with fencing that in the end what they achieve is to render the pool space useless and also generate an unsightly appearance. Although at least they do manage to achieve an improvement in terms of security.

That is why it is important to have a roof possibility that eliminates the need for fencing. Covers that securely close swimming pools are the most recommended options.

6. Fountains as a plus for your garden’s aesthetics

Art has integrated fountains for the decoration of gardens since ancient times. They are a mechanism to provide harmony and tranquility to the environment.

It is even a good idea that if you have a swimming pool, you integrate the fountain into it. There are mechanisms to achieve this, such as the installation of the accessory on our roof.

7. Gain spaciousness for your garden by using the same finish for the walls

The different finishes on the walls mean that the space is perceived in a much more fragmented way. It is easy to imagine if you evoke a garden in which the area near the house has a ceramic tile and brown color; But on the contrary, the pool area has a porcelain-type finish and white tones.

8. Don’t incorporate hedges as a perimeter element


The hedges that are usually incorporated in all gardens involve eliminating a small piece but that multiplies on all sides and also because of the uniform color causes a feeling of reduction of space. Instead, it’s much better to color a vine plant, such as jasmine. Even the maintenance is much lower as the hedges generate great maintenance needs.

9. Avoid placing trees, pergolas, or other core elements

All the elements that you place in the central part of the garden will reduce your chances of using the space, but they will also generate more of a feeling of suffocation.

For this reason, it is better that the elements you want to place are not in the central part and that they can be they do not generate dead spaces.

10. Avoid watering elements in transit areas

Irrigation mechanisms are another of the things that are placed in the garden initially and that then condition the development of the rest of the elements. For this reason, it is better that they are placed on one side and that the pipes of them are as far apart as possible. That way they will never get in the way or lead to problems. But the main reason, as you can imagine, is to avoid tripping over the small protruding part in the sprinklers.


11. Always incorporate your own personality into your garden design

The garden is your space, it’s the space for you to enjoy. That’s why it gives it your personality, it has to incorporate your essence in a certain way and be a unique space.

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