Prepare your pool for the season

We tell you how to enjoy your pool with the first sunny days. With our cover it is possible thanks to the maintenance of the water and the temperature, enjoy an early summer!

The first days of heat have arrived, with it we see how some people can enjoy their pools, while others wonder: How can it be that in the month of March are using the pool? If it turns out that you don't take advantage of it for more than two months in your case, it will surely surprise you. It makes sense.

Let's see how to enjoy your pool again! And we are also going to tell you how to enjoy your pool longer.

1. Condition of the poolswimming pool with sun

Before starting the treatment you should always measure the parameters of the pool and perform a detailed ocular inspection, especially when the sun is shining on it. With the first you will be able to know the state of chlorine and PH level of the pool; while with the second you could see if the water has incidence of fungi.

The appearance of fungi can be frequent in pools where organic matter enters because they are not well closed. Therefore we always have to start from the observation of the water and obtaining data on water quality.

2. Steps to take to return to using the pool

Once we want to have our pool we are going to carry out the following steps. It is important to respect the order in order to achieve the desired effectiveness.

1) Withdrawal of the winter product if it exists: it is very common in Spain the placement of the winter treatment by means of buoy systems or wintering. This is the first step we have to take to make way for the rest of the treatments specific to the period of use.

2) We are going to eliminate floating dirt if it exists, as they can be leaves because our swimming pool has not been protected. With this we will be able to move on to the next steps without causing clogging of the other cleaning systems.

3) Start the filtering system of the purifier and in parallel introduce the cleaning robot. In the case of not having a robot, the cleaning will be done with the vacuuming device of the walls that also has the capacity of filtration. This way we will be able to remove all the dirt from the walls of the pool. It is possible that the robot will have to be put in several times, depending on the dirt of the swimming pool.

4) Incorporate the appropriate chemicals: they will go through chlorine shock treatment, pH adjustment and incorporation of flocculant (if necessary).

The chlorine shock treatment is necessary for the elimination of all bacteria that can live in the water, especially if the water has not been kept fit throughout the winter. Otherwise it may be necessary to restore the normal amount of chlorine for the season of use. Many people already have electronic and automatic chlorine dosing systems so that the administration is simpler as well as its measurement in real time. These real-time chlorine measurement and delivery systems have become especially fashionable with COVID-19.

winter pool

If you have a swimming pool the PH control of your pool will not be a secret for you, so you know that you must adjust it and measure it continuously. All in all

If the water is cloudy or has small particles in suspension, which can also be closely related to the lack of adequate cover and the incorporation of pollutants from rain or organic components, you should proceed to administer a flocculant treatment. What this treatment will do is to agglutinate the small particles so that they are denser and can be filtered by the robot or by the treatment plant. Therefore, after the administration of the treatment, you must use both of them intensively.

5) Re-measure the water parameters before finishing the cleaning process: at the end of all the cleaning work, when we believe that we have finished our cleaning work, we have to re-measure the amount of chlorine present in the water, the pH of the water and make an observation of the water. Keep in mind that the values may have varied by the mere fact of having removed the dirt in one direction or by the incorporation of the treatments themselves. With this we will verify that the water is ready to enjoy.

6) Temperature measurement: it is a no-brainer but whether we have a heating system or not we should check the temperature of the pool in order to know objectively its evolution and suitability for swimming. Heating the water is very fast and quite simple if the pool has a cover that closes consistently and has insulation.

3. Extend the pool usage time.

When are we going to do all these steps? It will depend. In the case of having a pool with a cover like ours, you can start in a few days. Since as soon as the days of better temperature come out you will be able to use the swimming pool thanks to the thermal saving that supposes to close the swimming pool with our cover.swimming pool with winter cover

If on the other hand you do not have a quality cover you should start in the month of June or the end of May. The difference in months as you can see is considerable. To this you have to add the additional autumn months, so we are talking about at least doubling the time of use.

If you do not have a movable cover that can be walked on, which will enclose the pool properly, we urge you not to start the treatment period early.

First, because this may encourage more accidents by falling into the pool when it is uncovered or attract children.

Second, because you will increase the consumption of water and most importantly of chemicals for treatment. The needs of chemical products, of the pools that do not have the adequate enclosure, is very high. Therefore, if we extend the time of water treatment we will increase the cost and increase the environmental impact, since some chemical products have a quite polluting production.

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