Pool cover to make the space profitable

Roofs focused on the Commercial Sector

Pool covers
for commercial use

Adjust the depth of the pool and diversify its uses while making the most of your business.


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Swimming pools

It adjusts the depth of the pool and creates a safe space with endless possibilities for visitors.

Possibility of organizing events and parties due to the fact that it can support up to 500 kilos per square meter if installed in a public space.

Exclusive and distinctive design giving a futuristic and attractive vision to the facilities.

Opportunity for customers to walk around the space and practice sports both in and out of the water.

Opportunity to create unique atmospheres

Technical characteristics

Our height-adjustable tyres have a unique and exclusive design, but they also differentiate themselves by having these technical features.

Compatibility with all types of pools

Compatible with all types of water treatments (salt, chlorine or both)

High Strength Background

We apply quality materials to give exclusive and durable finishes.

Versatility of the movable cover

Possibility of installation in existing and newly built swimming pools.

Pool Safety

Because the water is sheltered by the cover, fewer harsh chemicals are used, making it safer for children.

Custom Cover

No limit to shape and size. Compatible with external accessories such as spotlights, benches, cleaning robots...

Adjustable floor

Thanks to its adjustable bottom, there is no depth limit. You decide the height and water level of your pool.

Models allowed on the PRO Deck

The PRO background can be adapted to any type of configuration. Limitless customization.

Model that descends completely horizontally to the bottom of the pool and can adjust the depth at any time. It includes a metal ladder for entry and exit to the pool.

Model that descends in blocks and adapts to the inclination of the bottom of the pool. . It includes a metal ladder for entry and exit to the pool.

Model that, as the platform descends, steps are formed to access the pool.

Model that, as the platform descends, steps are formed to access the pool. The rigid, unstaggered part descends to the bottom of the pool, adapting to the slope of the pool.



Metal ladder




Straight Movable Floor Structure



Metal ladder




Inclined Movable Floor Structure





Formation of rungs


Inclined Movable Floor Structure


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Frequently asked questions

Our invisible pools are designed so that you can make the most of your space

The cost of the PRO movable fund, tailor-made and fully customized, starts at 28,900 euros. It will increase the price based on the measurements and model chosen by the customer.

The platform is independent of the pool, so it can be installed once the pool has been built. The only requirement is that the space must be free, i.e. if the pool has steps, they would have to be demolished and replaced by the PRO bottom step formation.

The mobile floor is installed in an average of 3 days at the customer’s home and without having to carry out a major work.

We can offer you our Kamaleon model of pool and platform with unique measurements, or we will be happy to put you in touch with a trusted company with whom we will be working until the end of your project.

This type of mobile floor supports shapes of all kinds, each project is totally to the customer’s liking.

All of our products come with a three-year warranty. After that period we will give you the option to choose the annual maintenance plan that best suits your needs.

Maintenance is the same as in a conventional pool. Purification installed in the pool and the use of a robot for cleaning the bottom is recommended, which is accessed through a trapdoor integrated into the platform itself.

The Pro background has several models available, the platform itself adapts to the style desired by the client.