The Importance of Safety

Summer is the preferred time of year for many, the sun, the beach and especially the swimming pools.
It should be a few months of relaxation to disconnect and not think about anything, but when you have children, sometimes summer becomes a problem.

The threat is real, according to the ABC newspaper, “Swimming pool drownings are the third leading cause of child death in the world.” In this media they state that “Drowning is the third cause of death in children in the world, with a special incidence in children aged 1-4 years”

The most chilling data is that “A child can drown in as little as 20 centimeters of water, in less than two minutes.” There are more than 1,100,000 swimming pools in Spain. 86% of the pools are private and the remaining 14% are public. More than 50% of deaths occur in private swimming pools.

Dear parents, we have enough of having to face the dangers of everyday life to add water to the scene. If you want to avoid risks, get to know us.

When we talk about security, you don’t need to hire a person to watch over your child 24 hours a day, you just need to put effective security measures in place to avoid any type of mishap and PoolConcept can help you with that.

In most private pools, homeowners aren’t really aware of the dangers outside. If there are small children, it is usual to install some measure to prevent these dangers that we are talking about. PoolConcept has a height-adjustable bottom, making it perfect for situations where the older ones can’t be keeping an eye on the younger ones. When you have other obligations, you can go up on deck and disconnect knowing that there is no danger.





Safety is more important than water purification, or the use of a pool cleaner to improve the cleanliness of your bathrooms, but why do we neglect it? We neglect it because we don’t see the danger. The dirty water is cleaned, the wear and tear of the pool is changed but the danger is not seen.

At PoolConcept we take this issue very seriously, which is why we focus on the client being able to see its benefits in the short and long term. Throughout the article we have talked about young children, but what about older people? Some of them are vulnerable in the water. It’s also important to give those people the peace of mind of being able to access the pool without any worries. Our platforms support 200 kg per square metre, so in case an elderly person needs assistance there would be no problem in sharing the same space due to excess weight.

In conclusion, we can say that in all aspects of life and specifically in terms of safety, the best state of the human being is to be “calm” and fortunately achieving this is in your hands.

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