Discover your mobile background

The first pool cover at your height

Discover your mobile background

The first pool cover at your height

One space, multiple solutions

At PoolConcept we have one goal: Your satisfaction. We offer an innovative system that will guarantee you a different and unique experience, but above all safe for you and your family.


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A movable fund for every customer

All the projects we have carried out over the years have been of the highest quality and efficiency.

This is the technology behind our moving roofs

We show you our exclusive and technologically advanced system in the pool industry so you can experience the ultimate in luxury and comfort.

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Process to enjoy your movable pool floor

Each moving fund is unique, just like each of our customers. To achieve a perfect result, we detail each stage of your future experience with us.

and design for your cover

Pool Concept's engineers will carry out a preliminary study to give shape to your ideas and make them come true.

Construction of your roof

After visiting the site and taking the exact measurements for the project, our team manufactures the platform at our facilities, with the requirements agreed upon by the customer.

Installation in your pool

Once the construction process is completed at our facilities, we will transport the roof to your home and start the assembly on site with a maximum completion time of 7 days.

and guarantee of your mobile fund

We don't want you to worry about anything. Pool Concept offers a three-year warranty and after that period of time, you can opt for an annual maintenance service to check the correct operation of the platform and solve any inconvenience.

Control your pool's movable floor

Our application provides seamless and secure integration with your mobile backend. This feature allows users to control the platform from anywhere in the world and can be used with various virtual voice assistants.

Our latest pool cover projects

A picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look at our latest projects, both outdoor and indoor.

They talk about our system in swimming pools

As a result of our work, over the years, several media outlets have echoed our pools and movable floors. Find us in different media.