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Pool lounger with ergonomic and elegant design. Made of UV 16 quality resin. It can be used as a stand-alone piece, or combined with the Poolconcept movable floor, being able to customize the amount of water in which you want to cool off. Available in various colors.



This exclusive pillow is specially designed for a comfortable and relaxed nap on the Chaise sun lounger. Made of marine fabric resistant to harmful UV rays, ensuring long durability. In addition, the innovative EZ-Dri filling used in the pillow facilitates quick drying, making it ideal for outdoor use. The pillow is available in various colors and offers excellent support for optimal comfort.



This Round bed is specifically designed for shallow pool areas, making it perfect for use with your poolconcept platform. It has a round shape and is made of UV20 resin and UV-resistant marine fabric. The padding used in this bed is EZ-Dri which dries quickly. You can customize the color to blend in with your surroundings.



This pool chair is perfect for relaxing on your PoolConcept deck or outside. Its low-back design is ideal for shallow areas and provides excellent ergonomic support. It is made of premium UV 16 resin, which ensures long durability. In addition, you can customize their color and choose from a wide range of accessories to blend in with the environment.



The Roll table features an elegant curved structure made of premium UV 16 resin. It doubles as a fridge or ice bucket and can be used indoors, outdoors or even inside a swimming pool. In addition, the color can be customized according to individual preferences, and a separate lid attachment can be added to it.


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Sensory Experience

As you descend the platform, steps are formed to access the pool. The rigid, unstaggered part descends to the bottom of the pool, adapting to the slope of the pool. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident.

10.000€ p/u

Frequently asked questions

The cost of the PRO movable fund, tailor-made and fully customized, starts at 28,900 euros. It will increase the price based on the measurements and model chosen by the customer.

The platform is independent of the pool, so it can be installed once the pool has been built. The only requirement is that the space must be free, i.e. if the pool has steps, they would have to be demolished and replaced by the PRO bottom step formation.

The mobile floor is installed in an average of 3 days at the customer’s home and without having to carry out a major work.

We can offer you our Kamaleon model of pool and platform with unique measurements, or we will be happy to put you in touch with a trusted company with whom we will be working until the end of your project.

This type of mobile floor supports shapes of all kinds, each project is totally to the customer’s liking.

All of our products come with a three-year warranty. After that period we will give you the option to choose the annual maintenance plan that best suits your needs.

Maintenance is the same as in a conventional pool. Purification installed in the pool and the use of a robot for cleaning the bottom is recommended, which is accessed through a trapdoor integrated into the platform itself.

The Pro background has several models available, the platform itself adapts to the style desired by the client.