About us

About us

7 years ago , we came up with an idea to build up  walkable covers for pools to gain usable space on backyards with pools

One day, we decided to have a ground pools in our little backyard. It would be getting rid of almost half of backyard space. Moreover, we were afraid of kids safety so we should be eventually  installing a fence….. however, what if we could have a rigid cover to on/off  pool…?

We realized that there was not anything like this in the market as other options are expensive and complex to implement.

Movable plain platforms required extra space to be unfolded  so it was not suitable for small backyards. Other options as vault covers , did not fix need for space.

Along the way, we realized there were many more benefits for clients such the possibility of adjust depth of pool and our adjustable depth cover came to life. With this cover, parents might decide  if pool is on  but also water depth.


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