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Pool Cover Manufacturer

We are manufacturers of
adjustable movable bottoms
in height for swimming pools.

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Our Patented System

Our patented system fulfills critical health and safety standards required for the design and manufacturing of movable pool floors.
Designed to be both sturdy and durable, it supports sufficient weight for safe and stable passage. Each project is uniquely tailored, adhering to the specific needs and preferences of our clients.

Our History

Established in 2014 in Madrid, PoolConcept has pioneered a unique offering in the market: movable, walkable, and height-adjustable pool floors.

Through dedicated research and development, PoolConcept has secured both national and international patents. This achievement drives our commitment to continually enhance our systems and expand our product range to meet diverse market needs.

We proudly produce our movable floors both at our Madrid headquarters and our Miami, Florida facility, catering to clients across the Pacific Rim.

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