Ten Actions for More Sustainable Water Management in Your Swimming Pool

Water efficiency is a shared responsibility, and in the world of swimming pools, this premise is equally important. Following ASOFAP’s recommendations, we present ten measures to optimize water consumption in your pool.

  1. Professional Advice: Seek the guidance of accredited experts for the sustainable maintenance of your pool.
  2. Tightness Check: Check that your pool does not leak.
  3. Use of Covers: A cover significantly reduces evaporation.
  4. Automated Systems: Keep water in perfect conditions in an efficient way.
  5. Advanced Filtration: Use filtration technology that saves water without compromising quality.
  6. Filter Washing Optimization: Employ air to improve the filter washing process and save water.
  7. Conscious Filter Washing: Perform it only when necessary and in the most efficient manner.
  8. Wash Water Recovery: Reuse the water for other purposes such as irrigation or cleaning.
  9. Rainwater harvesting: Compensate for evaporation with rainwater.
  10. Efficient Recirculation: In case of restrictions, use recirculation through the bottom to maintain water treatment.

By implementing these ASOFAP recommendations, along with PoolConcept’s integration of movable and walkable floors, we raise the standard for sustainability and luxury in swimming pools. This combination not only ensures the efficient use of water, but also transforms each pool into a versatile and safe space, aligned with the highest standards of design and functionality. We invite you to adopt these practices to move towards a sustainable future, enriching the pool experience with state-of-the-art technology and environmental responsibility.

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