Aspects to take into account when installing a walkable flat roof

When considering the installation of a walkable roof , we must always opt for the installation of a flat roof. Always discard tires that are staggered or create steps as they can lead to accidents. But do you know the aspects to consider once we have decided to install the roof? We tell you about them so that you can always make the best decision.

The material chosen for the walkable roof

When choosing the material, we have to take into account aesthetic and practical elements. In the first group is the ability to integrate the space, with a material totally identical to that found in the surroundings of the pool, or with a differentiated material that creates a contrast sought within the decorative project. In the second group, that of practical reasons, we have to take into account: the coefficient of friction of the floor (which will determine that, for example, when the roof is closed, slips could occur), the durability of the materials and the ease of cleaning.

All aspects are important in order to choose the most suitable material for the cladding of your platform. That is why it is important to have the advice of experts in the product, who advise us on the suitability of a specific aspect or not.

Maintenance of the pool platform

Maintenance of some platforms can be quite continuous: For example, many of the platforms need the rail systems they integrate to be cleaned; or to proceed with the greasing of certain parts. However, with our platform, there is no need for maintenance. This happens because the design of the platform is made so that the product is integrated into the pool and the space without the need to pay attention to it again. All you have to do is focus on enjoying yourself.

Never forget maintenance because in the long run it can make a moderately priced tyre end up being more expensive than a good tyre.


The possibility of installing accessories

Swimming pools are spaces to enjoy and relax, which are integrated into our homes or commercial spaces. That is why it is important that the cover allows us to adapt the pool to all our needs. So, for example, we can install on our platform, an exercise machine that allows rehabilitation, in case a person has to undergo rehabilitation, or for example also the installation of sun loungers on which to sunbathe.

The possibilities are endless and the good thing about having a pool is that we can enjoy the space. So, don’t give up anything.

Opt for a solution that allows you to have a pool of different depths

The pool covers, in the case of the type integrated with the floor, when submerged serve as a floor. So some of the platforms, including ours, can stand at any height and create a pool with the full depth of the pool (e.g. 1.5 meters or 2 meters) or a special intermediate depth (50 cm). This function is particularly useful for water sports and for the use of the pool by children. In short, it gives it a lot of versatility.

If you have any questions or want to contact us for the development of your pool cover, in a hotel or in the residential sector, you can contact us. One of our technicians will design a custom project for you!

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