Rigid lids for swimming pools: a commitment to mobility

Rigid pool caps, understood as stationary elements for swimming pools, are a solution for portable pools. If you have a fixed pool, it has a walkable movable cover. It guarantees the safety of the family and gets a pool that adapts to the needs of each moment.

Are you looking for rigid pool caps? We are going to tell you why you should not opt for them, unless you have a portable pool in which case they are your best option. We’ll tell you in advance: the best option is walkable movable roofs.

Pool covers that have a rigid character are undoubtedly the best option since they allow the pool to be closed in a more or less hermetic way and at the same time offer us high resistance against falls. Although the resistance will always depend on the quality and firmness of the material, so you always have to analyze the characteristics of the lid.

We propose something better: walk-on mobile covers for swimming pools.

They cover the pool in an almost airtight way like rigid lids.

The favorable feature for both systems is that they allow the pool to be completely closed, preventing it from getting dirty and therefore spoiling all the water or proliferating microorganisms that cause damage to the walls of the pool.

It’s a solution that for the winter can be similar in terms of the ability to close the pool. Both close it correctly. From this point on, everything will be different in terms of functionality and also in terms of security.

They have greater resistance than lids, so there is no danger in any case.

If your pool is elevated, i.e. built on the surface, or removable, rigid covers will be safe. They are so because they cannot fall on them when they are elevated. Of course, you will always have to remove the access ladder if you have a child to prevent them from climbing up.

In the event that the pool is buried, which is common in 80% of cases, you will not have a safe solution if you have a rigid lid. If a fall occurs, or any kind of accident, the lid is not able to withstand the force. In this case, the consequences can be even more dramatic because of the impossibility of leaving the person.

With walkable movable roofs, this does not happen since the roof is just another part of the floor. You can walk through it just as firmly.

They are passable, so the space is truly integrated without risk.

Our roofs are fully walkable. You can talk safely. It’s just another element of the soil. This is what really sets me apart! The pool is completely hidden and the space can be used.

It’s not that you can just walk around that area of the yard, but you could do all kinds of activities on top of it; Children can play in the area with complete peace of mind because they cannot lower the deck. You can even place lawn tables and chairs on top of it to dine with friends.

Don’t waste your space!

They retain the temperature of the water better due to the structure and materials that compose it.

Rigid lids are sought by many users as a solution to prevent the water from cooling prematurely, extending the months of use of the pool, or making the water temperature more comfortable.

They are a comparatively good option as they are better than tarpaulins or even methacrylate covers. However, being a more or less thin material, they do not have as good insulation as a mobile walkable roof can have.

In the end, a cover is a platform that is insulated and thicker than a cover as such. Not surprisingly, in weight it is also much higher in the case of the cover. Despite this, as it is an automatic system, it obviously involves less effort.

It is covered but also platform: choose the depth of the pool at all times.

Rigid lids only close the pool and do so at a certain height. On the other hand, with walkable movable roofs, what you have is a platform. A platform that you can leave fixed at the height you want. For example, you can leave a pool with a depth of 20 cm for the little ones to enjoy in a safe way or to have a fountain. On the other hand, after a while you can swim in the pool, lowering the depth to the maximum or leave it in the middle ground for water exercises.

They are multifunctional: you can add accessories that incorporate functionalities.

Tapas are just that: tapas. However, the covers can be so much more!

You have an infinite number of accessories that can be installed on your roof, providing it with more functionalities. There are no limits!

For example, would you like to have some thalassotherapy loungers in your pool? Would you rather have a treadmill on which you can rehab without suffering impact? Do you want to add accessories so that the cover turns your pool into a fountain when it is not being used?

Easy to close the pool: with just one click

Closing the pool with a rigid lid is somewhat difficult, which requires some effort and even more so the larger the pool. In fact, it’s usually not easy to do it just one person.

With our pool it’s much easier. All you have to do is press a button and your pool will appear or disappear – as if by magic!

We manufacture and install entirely to measure.

The lids fit a few sizes and rectangular shapes mainly. On the other hand, our walkable mobile roof is entirely custom-made. It can be installed in all the configurations you can imagine, shapes and dimensions. But also in finishes!

They have a longer shelf life than a rigid pool cap.

Rigid lids, being precisely rigid and having to be removed manually… they break. Yes, it’s bad news, but it’s easy for them to break with any movement.

Such a large rigid surface, possibly made of plastic, is quite easy to break when handled as it has little torsional capacity.

They don’t take up space, like rigid pool covers.

The rigid pool, when removed from the pool, takes up space. Walkable movable covers do not because they submerge in the pool acting as the floor of the pool.

Will you be okay with the garden being covered with a 5-meter-long plastic lid?

Maintenance is reduced in winter but also in summer

As rigid lids usually only have to be placed manually in winter. On the other hand, the roof can be raised at any time, so that on days when the wind picks up, the water is protected.

In the same way, it also allows you to store the temperature in a more efficient way during the summer, so it maintains comfort in use.

The cost of walkable mobile roofs can be a handicap for some people

The cost of walkable movable roofs is one of the few problems they present. The initial cost may be comparatively higher. However, the useful life of walkable mobile roofs, like that of all automatisms, is quite high. On the other hand, rigid lids involve less initial investment, but in the long run they may lose comparatively much appeal.

Request a quote for your pool cover project

You can contact our sales team. As all our projects are custom-developed, they will be able to explain to you the information they need to prepare your proposal. At the same time, they will be able to explain to you the endless functionalities and customizations that can be incorporated into the project to turn your pool into a magical place.

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