Saline chlorination: the benefits it has for your pool and the adaptation process

Salt chlorination is one of the most effective methods of keeping a pool clean and safe for swimming.

Woman in swimming poolWe think of the months of July, August and September and our best moments come to mind enjoying the pool and the beach; And we can’t tell you that, we can’t think of anything better than that to combat the hot summer days. However, with the arrival of the most anticipated season of the year, reactions also appear in the body, as chlorine and chemicals can affect the most sensitive tissues.

The excessive use of chemicals in swimming pools to keep the water clean eventually takes its toll, especially on your skin and hair.

When it comes to hair, if exposure is frequent (especially during the hottest hours), the effects of chlorine can cause damage. This type of chemical strips your body of its natural oils, leaving your hair dry, coarse, and brittle. Hasn’t it ever happened to you that in summer after showering you see dry ends without movement? That’s due to excess chlorine, heat, and sun. This excess can lead to hair loss in addition to dryness.

In the case of the skin, especially in the youngest, it can cause irritation, swelling or loss of melania.

What can we do about it?

In your pool

A very good alternative is to use water purifiers. These scrubbers help reduce chlorine by 50% to 80%, which is great news for reducing excessive exposure to chemicals in summer.

Bromine or ultraviolet disinfection: this is a very powerful sterilization system, this is because it generates ozone molecules.

Man in swimming pool

On your body

After you get out of the pool, don’t forget to shower. Rinse your body, face, and hair.

Chlorine deteriorates the fatty layer that protects the skin, so it is very important to moisturize it after bathing

Never forget your sunscreen before you hit the pool. If you add a UVA burn to the dryness of chlorine, in addition to leaving your skin dry, unwanted spots could appear.

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