Ten Reasons to Have a Flat, Walkable Roof

Walkable covers that integrate with the space are the perfect solution for swimming pools, their only drawback being the cost that at the time of installation can be higher than that of installing low-quality covers. The reasons why you would need to install a walkable, flat roof are as follows:

Swimming pool accidents are unfortunately quite frequent, with quite complicated consequences. By covering the pool, accidents are drastically reduced as the floor is fully integrated. But it is also that if falls occur for any reason, they will not fall into the pool nor will they drown.

This feature is especially important for commercial establishments, which want to eliminate the possibility of accidents, since they cannot have a person watching the pool in winter; but also for households, with greater concern among those with elderly people or children.

With the covering of the pool , the main mechanism of entry of pollutants is eliminated. In summer it’s not especially important as we don’t have wind or precipitation. But in winter, the ingress of dirt means that the pool water has to be treated specifically and constantly filtered or cleaned.

By covering the pool, the need for additional treatments is eliminated. This, in addition to saving money, is environmentally friendly and eliminates the appearance of aesthetic damage that causes the need for maintenance work.

It is common to have heating in swimming pools that are looking for the installation of a cover. The first thing they notice after installing a roof, like ours, is that the cost of air conditioning is reduced.

As the pool is perfectly closed, there is no evaporation and the most important heat loss in a pool does not occur, which is through the open top.

People who don’t have a heated pool also benefit from the previous point, so that the water doesn’t get cold during the night. This ensures that the water is at a comfortable temperature for longer, increasing the period of use of the pool. Normally, the time of use is increased by 200%, having a pool fully ready from the month of April.

Low-priced tyres, such as tarpaulins, have a very short lifespan because they quickly suffer breakage, damage from the sun or loss of elasticity.

On the other hand, the walkable roofs that we install have a very long useful life, since they are industrial mechanisms, they have a period of use that does not suffer deterioration. They are specifically designed to withstand all kinds of circumstances and have extremely long service lives.

With our cover you can continue to use the space even if you have a swimming pool. Yes, you finally won’t have to give up anything.

By installing a walk-in cover you have all the benefits of having a pool or spa in your establishment or home, but on the contrary you will not have to do without space. In the morning it can be a pool to enjoy with your family, in the afternoon a totally smooth space in which to do your yoga classes and at night it can look like a pond with a beautiful fountain, enlivening your evening.

Our covers are custom developed, so they have the contour of the pool. But the materials that cover our cover are endless, so you can choose the one you like the most.

You can choose the material exactly the same as that of the surroundings of the pool, so the result is surprising. No one knows that underneath the ground will be a swimming pool.

This circumstance is especially important, although it is sometimes relativized, since when we have a swimming pool we have a space in which to enjoy, relax and connect with our loved ones.

Pools can be used by different people, who have different needs in terms of the depth of the pool.

With our deck you can choose the height at which the platform stops, so you can have a 2-meter deep pool in the morning for water activities or swimming; in the afternoon a 50-centimetre-deep swimming pool for children to enjoy in peace; and in the evening a one-metre swimming pool for disabled or elderly people to enjoy.

In fact, this circumstance has been used by some of the spas and rehabilitation centers with which we collaborate.

Differentiation is the key for any company that wants to attract its customers and build customer loyalty. For this reason , commercial spaces are investing more and more in interior design and landscaping of their gardens or terraces. The integration of swimming pools cannot be ignored in the differentiation; All this achieving an increase in the profitability of the space due to its multifunctional nature.

Within a cover like ours, you can integrate all kinds of accessories. Our possibilities are endless. From sun loungers to be able to sunbathe on the water or slightly submerged with a refreshing sensation, to accessories for sports activities in the water (with the reduction of the impact on the joints that it entails)

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