TOP 10 Most Original Built Pools in the World

List of the 10 most original swimming pools in the world. A source of inspiration for everyone and a source of attraction for tourists. Build unique spaces with these inspiring pools.

Thermal and aquatic areas have been a source of relaxation and recreation for people for more than 2,000 years. It is not in vain that we all remember the enormous Roman works for the construction of the baths. A few centuries later, the situation has advanced, but the attraction we feel for swimming pools and recreational spaces remains unchanged.

Nowadays, swimming pools are not only a complement to our homes or commercial spaces, such as hotels. They are a real source of attraction for tourists, customers for the establishments and admiration for everyone.

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1. Nemo Pool 33Nemo Pool 33

The Nemo 33 pool is one of the most famous in the world as it appears in many publications for being the deepest pool in the world. It has the honor of being a whopping 33 meters deep.

Despite its depth and therefore the difficulty of heating the body of water, it has a temperature of 33 degrees, thanks to the fact that the water is heated by solar panels. The sustainability of the project is a very important milestone given the amount of water. As you can imagine the high depth, it is not intended for recreational use, but is intended for scuba diving.

As a curiosity, the name is inspired by the work of Jules Verne, specifically Captain Nemo who appears in his work 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

2. San Alfonso del MarSan Alfonso del Mar Swimming Pool

The swimming pool of the residential and hotel complex of San Alfonso del Mar, in Chile is the largest swimming pool in the world. In fact, it has a length of more than a kilometre. With an average depth of 3 meters, it is one of the pools that beach lover takes not to be missed.

The environment it creates, along with the beach is truly stunning, drawing the attention of visitors to the intense turquoise blue. Even more than what we can find in the sea that bathes the coast where this impressive work of engineering is located.

Since its inauguration, the pool has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest swimming pool in the world.

3. Golden Nugget Las Vegas

Golden Nugget Las Vegas Hotel

If in the previous one, everything was relaxation in front of the sea, Las Vegas arrives with strong emotions. The swimming pool at the Golden Nugget hotel offers its guests an incredible experience, being able to immerse themselves in a pool that has an aquarium with sharks as a backdrop.

In fact, inside the pool itself they have a transparent slide in which people run “inside” the aquarium where the sharks are located. An experience not allowed for the faint of heart. But it integrates the pool in a formidable way, making it a first-class attraction. We can’t stop thinking about going to it.

4. Marina Bay Sands Hotel Golden Bay

But the pool’s attractions aren’t just natural. This pool, the one at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, located in Singapore, offers amazing views as it is on top of two 55-story towers, and has a length of 300 meters. The aesthetic result for the towers surprises anyone who visits the city, so it is a hotel that has managed to clearly differentiate itself from its competitors.

In addition, the swimming pool is completely an architectural element that shapes the building and the gardens or adjacent recreational areas.

The views over Singapore Bay are amazing.

5. Amagriri Resort, in Utha Hotel Utah

Man does not live only in cities, but just ask the visitors of the Amagiri Resort, one of the most luxurious in the world. In the state of Utah, the resort integrates the pool into nature in a perfect way, making it an attraction.

An example for constructions that alter nature to adapt to a linear representation of constructions. In this Resort, the natural stone elements have been preserved, integrating them into the pool space.

A relaxing experience for all visitors to the Resort, which has become a source of tourist attraction per se, in favor of the area.

6. Hotel Boutique Boucan Sant Lucia-Chocolat

golden chocolat hotel

Infinity pools are one of the most sought-after by all customers. Why? Because of its integration. As with our deck, it is a delight to be able to enjoy a pool integrated with the space that surrounds it. And what better if it’s Soufrère, the island located immediately south of Martinique.

The swimming pool is located at one end of the hotel and is therefore integrated into the spectacular jungle that surrounds the emblematic hotel. A beautiful place to relax and that is an attraction that adds to the many of the area, chosen by many celebrities for their rest periods.

7. Regent Hotel, in Porto Montenegro

The exclusive Regent hotel in Porto Montenegro is another one that cannot be missing from our ranking. A classic on all lists.

The special thing about this impressive pool is its integration with the marina of Porto Montenegro.

In fact, many of the hotel’s visitors remark in all their reviews, how impressed they were by the sunsets by the pool. The pool has enhanced the effect of the sunsets and the reflection of the colours of the sunset with the materials chosen for its construction and with sculptural elements that hang over the pool.

In the end, this place teaches us the importance of adapting each design, each pool to its environment. Only in this way will the result give rise to a unique space that takes advantage of the strengths of the enclave.


8. Hotel Hubertus, Southtowns Terol in Italy Hotel Tyrol

That the Alps are an amazing place we are not going to reveal to you now. In fact, it is one of the mountains that has had the most importance in our culture, due to its incorporation into our Latin culture through various mythological figures.

But what we are looking forward to discovering for you is the spectacular swimming pool that the Hotel Hubertus has in the Alps.

The pool is also heated, so it offers a unique experience to users because they are enjoying an area that in winter will be snowy, within the comfort that a heated pool always offers us.

An experience to fulfill at least once in a lifetime!

swimming pool

9. Ubuf Hanging Gardens, Bali, Indonesia

From European beauty, we move on to the beauty of Asian landscapes. In Bali, a favorite destination for many honeymoons, we can currently find this hotel complex that has a swimming pool over one of the most incredible jungles.

The beauty of the lush jungle is not far behind the beauty of the pools that their guests have the luxury of having.

10. The Red Pool at Library Resortresort

The last one in the pool in our ranking is by no means the most surprising. The pool at the Resort Library is red. Yes, just as you read it: red!

Located in Thailand, the pool sports this stunning ruby color.

But best of all, it wasn’t necessary to dye the water. Let’s all be calm. It is an effect that is achieved only with the color of the tiles used in the pool. Thus, in the shallower part of the shallower part, more yellow tiles were placed, due to the smaller space for color refraction. On the contrary, in the deepest part, the purple tiles were placed.

With this distribution of materials, the colour has been uniform and ruby, while maintaining the brilliance provided by transparent water. Remember the importance of custom design and materials! This is how such impressive results are achieved.

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