What to do with your pool in winter

We explain how to act with your pool in winter and the reasons why you should cover it. The main problems are the physical-chemical treatments that must be applied, the loss of space and the safety of people who may suffer accidents.

Summer is over and although we can still enjoy our pool (in some cases if we are lucky) we must already look towards winter, thinking about what to do with it. The treatment of the pool in winter is a matter of its safety, but also a matter of efficiency in saving water and mainly a question related to avoiding damage to our pool.

First of all, we want to claim that at Poolconcept we do not believe in spaces intended for single use. For this reason, our covers claim an integrated space in which the barrier between the pool and our home disappears; being able to offer a place to enjoy also in winter.

But now let’s focus on how to act with our pool in winter. Let’s get to it!

1. Swimming pool problems in winter

All people and companies that have a pool either in their home or in their establishments to a series of problems, which we can group into:

a) The insecurity that a swimming pool can cause if it is not properly fenced or covered with sufficient guarantees.

b) The chemical treatment that the pool needs to cope with the winter.

c) The physical treatment required, within which we can include the cleaning of the pool, filtering the water and the removal of dirt.

d) The temperature of the water outside the summer periods

(e) Aesthetic problems and waste of space.

We will break down each of the aspects mentioned so that you can face the winter period with the greatest guarantees and at the same time know how to deal with situations or the purchase of certain products, since many customers ask us about them. Go for it!

1. 2. The insecurity of the swimming pool in winter

Swimming pool closed in winterSwimming pools in winter often only receive attention for their physical-chemical treatments, ignoring the fact that they represent a danger, if they are not covered in a convenient way, for the elderly and especially for children. Yes, especially.

Children and seniors can fall or slip, so it’s a good idea to keep pools safely covered. During the summer period, the danger, although it exists, is much less, since a large part of the family is in the garden or there are people in the vicinity of the pool. But during the winter period we always tend to spend more time at home and the conditions are more dangerous due to the drop in temperature, increase in rainfall and increase in relative humidity.

In conclusion, from our point of view, it is imperative to have indoor swimming pools in our homes and establishments.

1.3. Filtration and cleaning for dirt removal

The two major problems in terms of water maintenance that we find in water are: chemical treatment for water and physical treatment. We will focus on the latter, which is the one that derives from the elimination of dirt and particles that can enter the water of our pool.

Since the arrival of autumn we find a multitude of possible dirt routes for the pool. Leaves and rain not only lead to the entry of dirt, but also an increase in the amount of organic matter, an increase in pH and the eventual proliferation of fungi.

All these circumstances will mean that our pool will not be available during the winter period, which may not matter to us, if it is designed for summer use. But it will mean that you will have to be especially aware of the pool water to increase the chemical treatment, and that in the spring you will have to dedicate a few days to cleaning the pool. Days dedicated to the cleaning of all surfaces, the removal of water in some cases and the repair of aesthetic damage caused to the pool. All this will mean that you will have to delay the opening of your pool.

With the installation of a cover we will prevent the entry of dirt, and thus avoid all the problems related to the same. We will be able to take advantage of the water, avoid more derived chemical treatments and save long days dedicated to cleaning. With our cover, the pool is completely enclosed so that no dirt or leaves can enter, saving space and always guaranteeing a pool ready to be enjoyed.

1.4. Chemical treatment for your swimming pool in winterAutumn Leaves Pool

During the winter, the chemical treatment of the water must continue, although it will do so differently if the pool is going to be used during the winter or not.

In the event that the pool is going to be used, the treatment procedure should be the same as that used during the summer period. While what we’re going to do is intensify the measurements, especially if we don’t have it covered. When organic matter falls into the pool, pH values can increase and require chemical treatments that are incompatible with the use of water by people. If we have an indoor swimming pool, this will not happen since there is no entry of organic matter, so the treatment is the same as during the summer.

In cases where the pool is not going to be used, we can resort to one of the kits that exist for the winter treatment of our pool. Although it is not recommended that we forget about it completely, if the pool is uncovered, it will not be enough and we will have to continue cleaning it, turning on the purification equipment, etc. On the other hand, with an indoor pool we can not worry, also depending on the type of cover.

1.5. Water Temperature During Winter

Many people during the winter rule out using their pool since they do not have heated pools, either in a different outbuilding or outdoors.

If your pool is not heated and is not, you can use it for a relatively short period of time, which is the summer months. However, in the event that you cover your pool with a cover of the same type as ours, you will have a pool that will have an optimal temperature during the months before summer and also during the following months. In other words, you will be able to use it for longer, during spring and autumn.

In the case of heated pools, the need to cover the pool will come (in addition to water conservation) due to the thermal savings that it will entail. However, we cannot forget the water savings it entails, since the evaporation of the hot water will not occur.

Cold pool

1.6. Aesthetic problems and waste of space

Our swimming pool occupies a space in our home or establishment, which in relative terms can be important to us. As a result, we cannot use part of our garden, terrace or the room where the pool is located. We really experience this situation throughout the year, but during the winter it increases because there are people who do not use the pool and if it is not used it can even generate an undesirable aesthetic appearance.

Does it make sense to waste your pool space for more than 8 months? With our cover you can preserve the aesthetics of your pool if you want to keep it open on occasion, but you can also take advantage of the space as a terrace or if you prefer you can activate a fountain with which to delight your guests. Because our spaces are custom-designed, so you don’t give up anything.

2. Conclusion

These are the aspects to take into account when taking care of your pool in winter, both if you have a cover and if you don’t have one. Remember that you can always ask us about your doubts about covers, or specifically about the situation of your pool so that we can design a tailor-made project.

Don’t miss our next post in which we will talk about the different cleaning methods for your pool.

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