Why Choose Walkable Movable Roofs

The reasons to choose a type of movable cover for your pool or a walkable cover for your pool. Know the criteria to choose one or the other cover depending on your needs.

Everyone who installs a swimming pool, in their home or in their establishment, sooner or later runs into the problem of covering it. In few cases, the problem is addressed from the first moment of construction of the pool, resulting in a large number of people becoming aware of the situation when winter arrives. 

The first thing we want to do is banish that idea. The pool does not have to be covered because it is winter, but the pool cover is one more tool that will allow us to add functionality to the space, aesthetics and that we can also give a greater and even better use to the pool. 

In any case, what do we do with the pool, either in the process of building it or later we want to cover it? We are going to tell you all the alternatives, analyzing the strengths of each of them and their drawbacks that all of them have. 

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Things to consider when installing a pool cover 

When we choose a cover for our pool we have to mainly assess the following aspects: 

  • Aesthetics of the solution: it is not only important to preserve or improve the beauty of our garden, but aesthetics have a determining influence on the purpose of the pool. A swimming pool is a space to relax, enjoy and disconnect from our daily worries. In all these aspects, the sensory experience is decisive, so the aesthetics of the solution will greatly influence the ability to relax and turn any space into a memorable space. 
  • The maintenance required by the roof itself: the different solutions require different levels of maintenance, which will mean a workload to add to the pool in some cases. On the contrary, we will see that there are solutions that do not require maintenance and that can even reduce the maintenance of the pool. It’s an important aspect to consider if you don’t have someone who is specifically dedicated to the pool or you don’t want to overload it with functions. 
  • If you reduce maintenance during periods of non-use of the pool: in some places in Spain, if the pool is not heated, the period of use of the pool is quite short. Water maintenance is important to prevent us from having to dispose of it in spring, as there are currently significant restrictions, and also to avoid aesthetic damage to the pool 
  • The ability to extend the periods of use of the pool thanks to the maintenance of the temperature of the pool water: a pool is an investment, so with the cover we can make it profitable for much longer.
  • Comfort provided for the use of the pool: covers can sometimes have a negative influence on the comfort of the space itself when bathing. 
  • Useful life of the material to cover the pool or the roof: in order to amortize the pool and to be able to calculate the effective cost of each of the roofing solutions, regardless of the initial cost. 
  • Safety: Pool safety is a must. All the other aspects are important, but this one should always be the most important. Is there anything more important than the safety of those around us? Accidents in swimming pools and pool environments should not be underestimated as the statistics are quite revealing. Without scaremongering, we have to keep in mind that drowning is the third leading cause of infant death. 
  • Economic cost at the time of installation and throughout the useful life or amortization period: the economic cost is sometimes a handicap for many people and should not be forgotten. However, we do not have to assess only the initial cost, but the overall cost over the entire useful life of the roof. 
  • Additional utilities provided by each of the types of solutions: some pools also allow us to add additional functions to the pool or to be able to take advantage of the space. It is an aspect that we must not forget either. 

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