Your Pool’s Movable Floor Is Your Best Cover

Our covers work as a movable floor of your pool, so you can choose the different depth of your pool depending on the activity to be carried out or the person who is going to use the pool.

When installing our swimming pool, we can consider the depth with which to make our pool and which will be the best for the uses we are going to give it. But this decision can not only be considered at the time of installation, since with a platform like ours we can always cover the depth of the pool.

This type of situation, of clients who already have a swimming pool installed, but who want to install a platform in order to make its depth variable, is due, for example: birth of children, elderly people who join the home or dependents, need for rehabilitation reality or simply the desire to have a pool that allows physical exercise in the water, thus avoiding the common joint damage suffered by athletes.

But do you know how you can actually define the depth of the pool? Let’s tell you about it

The mechanisms or ways to achieve a variable depth in the pool

Pools can have different depths through several mechanisms:

  • The traditional one: which consists of the floor being sloping giving rise to a small area of small depth and then moving to a sloping area, until reaching the area of maximum depth of the pool.
  • The most innovative consists of the installation of a platform that allows us to choose the depth of the pool at all times.

Our cover would be a third model since it allows you to combine both models, on the one hand you can always choose the height of the platform so you can choose the depth of your pool to your liking in each situation. But our platform can also be configured as an inclined plane, allowing us to not all the pool at the same height. We are going to have the best of both systems, since for example the inclined plane through which our pool has different depths is especially appreciated by commercial or hotel establishments, as it allows the pool to be used at the same time by children and adults with different uses each.

Truly tailor-made choice of depth, with no preset heights

Many people in the construction of the pool consider the realization of several heights inside the pool, which if it is in the inclined plane model at least does not present problems for cleaning. But we must always avoid it in the form of steps because it will generate a lot of problems for cleaning.

The other question when it comes to establishing depths is which ones to choose. It is a problem that may seem trivial to us, but in reality it will condition our use of the pool for life and also the functionality that we can give it. That is why we recommend the installation of a movable roof, as it eliminates these problems by being able to choose the depth we want at any time.

Not all movable covers are created equal as there are some that you can only choose between 3 depths. This may seem sufficient when we look at it now at an early point, but it is quite limiting in practice. For example, it is limiting since we cannot choose adjustable depths to perform exercises or increase the depth depending on the age of the children, choosing very small depths when they are young.

The adjustable height is also important for other uses that we can give to the pool such as use for ornamentation or for uses related to use as a spa. In all these cases we can use it just by adding a few accessories to the cover. In our case, we have an infinite number of accessories that could be used in the pool to add purpose or also be able to use it in other uses.

Recommended uses in each of the situations

There are many uses that we can give to our pool if we have the ability to choose its depth at all times. Among the main ones are:

  • Swimming: it will require a medium-high depth to be able to perform the movements and turns. The depth will be greater if we have to make the turn than if we have a device for continuous swimming without advancing.
  • Jumps: the depth required is going to be very high, the greatest of all activities to avoid accidents.
  • Children’s game: the depth will be low and must be adjusted to the age of the children. Even if the depths are small, always remember to have adult supervision.
  • Exercise: to exercise in the water and to be able to exercise all muscle groups we will require a medium-high depth, so that it covers up to the middle of the rib cage.
  • Sunbathing: sunbathing with a sun lounger on top of a small amount of water in the pool, such as about 20 cm, will provide us with a refreshing sensation without producing the effect of overheating. The evaporation of water acts as a cooling mechanism and a feeling of freshness.
  • Rehabilitation: the measure must be adapted to the level of resistance we want to have or to the reduction of weight. It’s going to depend on the exercise. The good thing about a height-adjustable roof is that we will be able to adjust it depending on the phase in which our rehabilitation process is.
  • Aquagym: we will need a medium depth so that our weight is reduced sufficiently but we can stand without difficulty.
  • Thalassotherapy and therapeutic uses: it will depend on the type of accessory. If they are accessories to turn the pool into a jacuzzi the depth will be relatively small, however for elements such as massage jets the depth will be greater. In the case of heated sun loungers, the depth will be shallower. As you can see, each situation requires a specific adaptation.
  • Decorative purposes for a party or dinner with friends: a shallow depth is perfect for putting floating candles over our pool or even putting some other floating element.
  • Use as a fountain: the depth has to be medium low, in order to facilitate the exit of the jets from the fountain.

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