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In Spain/Florida, the weather is already warm enough for pool activities, especially now, that children can’t go to school. The good news is that there is no evidence that Coronavirus Disease 2019, COVID-19, can spread between humans through the use of swimming pools, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (CDC).

There is something that we must apply especially in this situation: The proper maintenance, operation and disinfection (example: with chlorine and bromine) of swimming pools.

However, both adults and children at private or public gatherings at swimming pools should maintain “social distancing” practices, staying away in particular from people who show COVID-19-like symptoms.

This unexpected situation for us gives us a new perspective on how to use the pool so that it continues to be a safe and fun space. Now more than ever we must ensure that children are well protected when they are around water and maintain the balance of chemicals to kill germs and prevent them from spreading.

Be careful, there are some harmful chemicals called chloramines, which can make your eyes red and burning, irritate your skin and cause rashes, and breathing problems. These chloramines are different from the type of chloramine that is sometimes used to disinfect the water we drink.

With Pool Concept we can avoid the degradation of the liquid since we isolate the water from sunlight that dissipates the effect of chlorine and we also keep the temperature constant which maintains its concentration.

Regarding the protection of children, it is important to enable mechanisms to close or isolate children when adult supervision is not possible, so also, Pool Concept covers are a great solution to conveniently guarantee the safety of children.


Tips for Healthy Swimming

Here are some tips from the CDC that pertain to swimming pools:

Do your own mini inspection. Use test strips to check disinfectant levels (chlorine or bromine) and pH before entering the water. Most department stores, hardware stores, and pool supply stores sell test strips.

Remember that with Pool Concept covers we can avoid the degradation of the liquid since we isolate the water from sunlight that dissipates the effect of chlorine and also keep the temperature constant, which maintains its concentration.

Shower before entering the water. Rinsing in the shower for just a minute helps get rid of most debris that may be present in a swimmer’s body.

Keep children who don’t know anything away from the pools or simply close the pool with the Pool Concept cover completely or to a safe depth that prevents any mishaps.

Close the Pool Concept cover at the end of the day to ensure that the water remains balanced from chemicals and falling branches, leaves or dust from outside.

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